The Best Cookie Dough you ever eat. Amazing recipe ! Easy , fast and DELICIOUS !

The best cookie dough you’ll ever eat

You know what’s good ? Cookies.

You know what’s better ? Cookie dough. 

You know what’s best ? This amazing recipe.

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Capsule Project – Part 5 : 6 months review

It’s been 6 months since I started my capsule wardrobe, and let me tell you one thing : I regret nothing. Lots of things have changed in my life during these 6 months and I feel that this project have helped me getting through.

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Back To School – Beating procrastination (or at least trying)


Procrastitation is the plague of our era. Everyone suffers of it, and those who say they don’t, lie. Studying is hard, sometimes boring and you don’t like every subjects. I know, I’ve been there and will be again this year.

However, as I’ve been struggling with procrastination for a long time now and I have developed few techniques to reduce it.

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Back To School – 5 minutes a day to manage your time.

Let’s be honest, time management is the worst ! I hate having to schedule my life, and all. However, I’ve discovered through the years that it is crucial to keep tabs on my schedule otherwise I lost track of what I do, need to do and have done. And it’s not only about cramming as much work as possible in the day !
It’s one of the most effective way I found to reduce stress and be more focus on the things I do.

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